Theft by Our Neglect & Bankster Trickery!

How we got to this point takes us to a time in history that I have yet to determine but it is certain that it was a long time ago. This writer believes that it goes directly to the abandonment of the basic of principles; “love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:31).  Without this necessary function it has been quite simple for the masses to be isolated and directed in our thoughts and actions through mass marketing and “education” by the power brokers in their quest for power and the thievery of our wealth.  Taking both the purse and the sword that was once held by the people has thus been as easy as taking candy from a baby. These robber barrens have been puppeteers of Congress, President, Judicial, local and Federal and all the regulatory agencies that were put in place to regulate the wealth and liberty out of the hands of the people and into the coffers of a few elite and all the while we thought we were free and prosperous.  Free enterprise and the creation of wealth held by the people has been replaced with hamster wheels called jobs.  Yes, communism is a full employment system and there is not but a few steps to go to put the finishing touches on that one under a now powerful fascist regime.

Catherine Austin Fitts: The Looting Of America – Full Interview

What differentiates today’s America from the great America past is that today we work continuously and yet own nothing leaving nothing for our children to inherit but a “job”. Our time and culture is no longer ours. It is owned, determined and operated by large corporations via their owned government and regulatory agencies far far from our street corner. The determination of our everyday lives and our children’s future is all managed behind closed doors by faces we will likely never see. Whereas the liberty of America past provided for wealth creation that the people held. The possession of both the purse and the sword was understood to be the responsibility of each person as guards of liberty and prosperity. Doing business with a Wall Street stock jobber was an intolerable act of betrayal of ones neighbor and his ability to provide well for his family. Neighbors did business with neighbors, regularly strategized to provide locally for the vulnerable, prepare for any disaster and defend each others liberty.

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