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WARNING! A “Constitutional Convention” call is a call to completely rewrite the Constitution. That is a sure end of “We The People” and liberty. This is much different than amending the Constitution and the despots are eager for such a convention to occur.

or may also be known from time to time as

a “Conference of States” or “Convention of States” or any such otherwise titled meeting or assembly of delegates OFFICIALLY called for the purpose of “amending” or otherwise tampering with the Constitution of the United States under any pretext whatsoever.
-By Sherman Institute


So you’ve tried politics and learned the bitter truth. Politics are a futile effort, which has absorbed massive numbers of hours, days, weeks, months and years of your life only to find in the end that you and your efforts are betrayed by yet another political hack, one who seemed to hold the “promise” or maybe was just the lesser of 2 evils. After a life time of voting and politicking this reality of futility cuts you deeply and leaves you feeling that so much of your life has been squandered and that you are powerless to leave any liberty or prosperity for your children. The power of “We The People” seems to be lost. So what now?


While a few will try again to perfect the political efforts in hope of the elusive “victory”, many now retreat to hide behind bags of rice and wait for the inevitable collapse. Neither holds hope for better future but all are hoping to somehow escape or lessen the impact of impending doom of financial ruin, civil unrest and the likely cataclysmic crashing end of a once great republic with a likely result of poverty under a brutal dictator. Neither the political junkie nor the “prepper” will escape the brutal truth in the result of the abandonment of Constitutional principals of many decades, of more than a century. A government is the reflection of the spiritual and moral condition of the people and a look in the mirror is long over due.


We rise in the morning, press a button, the garage door opens and we drive to a cubicle across town and in the evening we do the same in reverse; never connecting with those immediately to our left or our right. Our homes are really condominiums with a compartment for each member sharing a common kitchen area. Our lives are almost void of real relationships. Neighborhoods are rows of empty shells by day and guard walls by night, fortified with locks and alarms, the occupants sleep with one hand on the telephone poised to dial 911 in case of an intruder. Will the police arrive in time? It is expected that a bureaucratic agency from across the continent will rescue us in a time of natural disaster. The inhabitants hope for some politician who will save us from “those people”. We pit one against another based on political candidate promises that are baseless or are never followed thru thereon. The lack of reality and neighborly responsibility in America is shameful and is the sure recipe for complete cataclysmic failure.

Our failure to be good neighbors is our own destruction. With the loss of community goes our liberty and prosperity. The young and their posterity now have no memory of what families were or what America once held, her strong communities, her liberties and wealth. The young are a blank slate for the authors of despotism who tell them the future is “global” and that the individual must be sacrificed for the collective. Personal responsibility, duty and honor should be abandoned for directives from faceless bureaucrats and dictators. March in lock step…right into the pit to join others, now dead bodies.


LOOK IN THE MIRROR because what is happening around us is direct result of who we are. Though it may not seem so, “We The People” are still the source of government. Those who govern do so only by the consent of “We The People” or our failure to occupy our rightful place and office. We have forsaken our true duties. The failure to carry out the 2nd greatest commandment of all time “Love your neighbor as yourself” is the direct cause of the loss of community and family and thus our liberty and wealth. The Founders made no preference for any race, left or right ideologies and warned sternly against any factions. In liberty there is ample room for all. It’s liberty! In that there is room for any idea or action that does no harm to ones neighbor. “WE” are greater in strength the more honorable our actions.

We are only “WE The People when we are “WE”. “WE” must engage together with our rightful authority in the joined preparedness for any natural or man made disaster, the purposeful act of being good neighbors, prepared in an organized and regulated fashion to meet any attempt to rob your neighbor of liberty or property. ”WE” requires dedication to real relationships with each other, not politics of campaigns, candidates or even parties . Real Community cannot be built via Facebook or Twitter; only a cyber community, sterile, choosing only to “friend” those in our echo chambers. It does not enable nor require real dedication to the arduous details that being a good neighbor that the constitutional office of WE the People requires. It is an illusion of “We”, not reality. It can be useful but in the cause of actually restoring liberty it is at best limited. “WE” requires person to person, neighbor to neighbor. It requires real live geographic and economic community. Statism, Nationalism and Globalism are antithesis to the cause of liberty. Focus Local! Focus neighbors!

Carefully study the preamble of the Constitution and understand who it is that is responsible for the function and authority of government. Take special note of the subject and the following verbs.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense  promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. Take a moment a read the Constitution of the United States.

Note that those are not the actions or authorities of the subservient offices of Legislative, Executive nor Judicial. Those duties are required of us, We The People, Good Neighbors. The founders called us militia and assigned us the highest of Constitutional offices. “WE” are woven through out every article of the founding documents Article 1 Section 8, Article 2 Section 2 wherein Congress and the President are directed to facilitate and empower us and WE, militia are the only office reinforced in the Bill of Rights , the 2nd Amendment . In all the founding documents Militia is the only Constitutional office declared to be NECESSARY. Yes, the only NECESSARY office is We The People, not President, Congress or the Courts but We The People. State Constitutions also require a militia. South Carolinas is in Article 13 where in it requires the General Assembly to provide for a well regulated militia of every person over 17 years of age. It is long past time we act on our duty.


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To be clear, let’s examine what Militia is; It is the active dedication to defense of each others liberty and property. As a Constitutional Office, indeed the highest constitutional office, militia cannot be dis-empowered by “laws” i.e. commercial code or treaty. This is also true of the 3 branches of government, Legislative, Executive or Judicial even though they are completely dependent on “WE” and they simply protrude from the great tree trunk of We The People like twigs. To change the powers of any Constitutional office would require much more than “legislation”. It would require an amendment to the Constitution which is most definitely a much greater task than passing legislation.

Amending The Constitution http://usgovinfo.about.com/od/usconstitution/a/constamend.htm


Imagine that those subservient offices, the twigs, believe they can disempower the tree trunk of “WE”. Such “officials” are delusional. Moreover, they commit treason against the legitimate government of “WE”. Their actions are in fact “anti government”, they are rogue agents. The legitimate government is defined by the Constitution. They are not government but usurpers.


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